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Two Workshop Experiences

Public Workshops: - Winter & Summer 

Our public Beyond Dance workshops are carefully crafted in-house to offer a unique and challenging experience for dancers of all levels. These workshops are open to the public and designed to engage the community, foster camaraderie, and push dancers to grow beyond just choreography. Each workshop has predetermined classes and locations, which you can RSVP or register for today. These workshops are a great opportunity to learn from our accomplished instructors and to connect with other dancers in your area.

Direct to Studio: Book today for Summer 2023!
Beyond Dance is proud to offer our Direct-to-Studio experience, which allows studio directors to create a private, custom workshop for their intermediate and advanced dancers aged 12 and above. Using our modular class system, studio directors can work with us to design a class schedule and instructor list that targets specific areas for improvement. This approach increases student engagement, scholarship opportunities, and fosters camaraderie while also reducing convention costs, class size, and competition. Our Direct-to-Studio workshops are available now, and you can subscribe to our email list to learn how to bring Beyond Dance to your home studio today!


What to expect: 

  • Beyond Dance workshops offer a comprehensive educational experience, including:

  • 10 guided  class modules divided into 5 per day

  • Lunch & Learn Lectures focused on wellness and well-being (Please note that lunch is not provided at this time)

  • A 2-part Specialty Module that may include improvisation, mock auditions, and/or choreography

  • Next Steps Q&A sessions with professional artists and educators

  • Opportunities to connect with other artists and potential scholarship opportunities of up to $5,000

  • Small class sizes with a limited number of students per instructor to ensure an efficient and effective learning environment


All of these elements will be provided to give you a holistic approach to your dance education and career.

Our Future
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