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Going Beyond Dance 

Our Elements to Success


From Cirque du Soleil to Broadway! Our instructors are artists and educators with all faculty still at the height of their performing career. Our classes go beyond choreography and include acting, improvisation, body alignment, voice, and so much more. 


Coming soon.


Dancers are incredible athletes. Through our lectures modules, Beyond Dance provides future artists the mental health, nutrition, and fitness resources to be successful beyond the stage. 


Beyond Dance is a must for any dancer planning to submit a college application, attend an audition, or to take the next step in their dance career. Our Next Step Q&A sessions provide the opportunity to ask all questions related to your future in dance!


Beyond Dance has created multiple partnerships to provide career-building opportunity. Beyond Dance is excited to offer multiple scholarships to its attendees! Click here for our current list of scholarships.


Each class is curated to complement the next lesson. Your day will include guided sessions and a curriculum to achieve an end-of-class-recap with your instructors to reflect on what was taught and why.

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