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The Story:

Katy Tate is a beautiful artist, choreographer, and creative director. We at Greater Heights are always excited to work with her. From capturing class footage, updating her reel, or bringing her creative visions to life Katy has trusted Greater Heights with her artistry and we are grateful for the opportunity.

The Job:
  • Creative Reel

  • Class/Teaching Video Content

  • Creative Concepts & Videos

"The team at Greater Heights are true geniuses in the way they can capture a moment. They have an unmatched artistic eye and attention to detail that brings a heart and soul to any project they are involved in. Whether it be a concept video, weddings, tutorials or interviews, they makes each of them special and beautiful. All of that artistry paired with their extreme technical knowledge and ability makes anything possible. Get them before you can’t get them anymore!"

-Katy Tate, Choreographer/Creative Director

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