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The Job:

Mom's Kitchen had recently come under new management and they quickly realized the digital elements the restaurant was lacking. We were able to set up a package that worked for their budget, was creative, and targeted achieving their main goals. We loved working with Mom's Kitchen and we highly reccommend the food too!

  • Photoshoot

  • Video Shoot

  • Social Strategy 

  • Video Advertisement 

  • Photo Advertisement 

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"When we purchased Mom's Kitchen we began to realize how much of the restaurant relied on its returning customers as well as it having no social presence to reach new customers. We knew if we wanted the business to grow, reach new demographics, and engage further with our customers a marketing and social campaign would have to be put in place. Enter Greater Heights. Our budget was tight but after listening to our goals and vision for the diners future they were able to put an amazing deal together that focused on just the important elements at a pace we could afford. Now, because of their custom videos, photos, facebook campaigns, and lessons on customer engagement we have seen a huge return in new clientele. More customers = more success. Thank you for taking this local diner to Greater Heights!"

-Tastes Great I, Inc.

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