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About our Store:

At Beyond Dance, we understand the impact that every purchase has on the environment. That's why we've chosen to offer a print-on-demand store that creates apparel only as orders are placed. This approach helps to reduce fabric waste and ensures that every item is made with the highest quality standards. To guarantee delivery in time for the holidays, we recommend ordering before December 1st. Additionally, we're excited to offer FREE shipping on all orders. By choosing our store, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're supporting sustainable practices and stylish dancewear.

Return Policy:

Because of our unique print-on-demand store, our return policy is different than others. In our goal to provide full transparency, returns are not available at this time, all sales are final. We have tested all products and where applicable, made notes on the product page if we recommend a different size. If the size you ordered does not fit or shows sign of damage, misprint, or any questions before you purchase, please contact immediately. Our team will do our best to provide a solution. 

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